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MY GOD IS BIG ENOUGH (from October 2011)

When some people find out I am a Christ-follower, they like to challenge me, paint me into a corner, spiritually speaking, to try and shake my faith. A little girl asked me why God took her brother. A rich man said he didn't need anything and an old man said his life was too dirty to clean up. I don't have all the answers, or even some of them. God does.

1. My God is big enough to overcome your god. Who you gonna serve? Money? Fame? Power? Nothing on earth is bigger than God. When all that other stuff goes away and it's just you, alone in your room at night, God is there...whispering to your heart. He loves you and wants you, even with no makeup!

2. My God is big enough to answer your unbelief. His specialty is answering the really tough questions, like "why am I here?" and "why do You let bad things happen?" Think God is something silly that weak people hang on to when they're in trouble? Try sitting in that foxhole by yourself. When the bombs of life are blasting overhead, I want God on my team.

3. My God is big enough to withstand your anger. Go ahead. Let Him have it. I was so angry after my dad died. Hurt and upset with God for taking such a good man so early, I poured out my anger and frustration on Him in prayer. He took all that emotion and replaced it with the peace that passes all understanding.
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