Creativity Night

Last Friday night, the Cowley County Writers Guild hosted an arts showcase, called "Creativity Night." It was co-hosted by Ark City Public Library and sponsored by Cherokee Strip Museum, Country Mart and Ark City Senior Citizens Center. This event was planned to celebrate the CCWG's first anniversary. That's right, I started this group in July 2009. Wow, a whole year has gone by, and my, how my life has changed!

Many members of the Guild and lots of other folks pitched in to help pull this wingding off. Some baked cookies, others set up tables and chairs, and still others cheered the performers. The event was held in the theater of the museum. What a great group of people there. Special thanks has to go to Lianne Flax, librarian, who handled publicity and printing of posters and programs.

There's just something about a small-town party. We had twenty guests, and though this doesn't seem like many, they were a supportive, enthusiastic bunch. This was a chance for our club to share with the public our writing. Interspersed between the six poets and writers were three accomplished musicians. In addition, we invited two painters and the Walnut Valley Woodcarvers to share their artistic efforts. It all added up to a fun, upbeat evening.

CCWG members who gave a reading were: Tom Junkins, Grant Williams, Michelle Sommerhauser, Lois Lobmeyer, Dr. Steve Swaim and myself. Danice Sweet played her guitar and sang original songs she composed to accompany her latest children's book. Tunes from the bayou were performed by Sylvia Riggs and Tim Durham, singer/songwriter, gave us numbers about faith, aging and friendship. Because of the positive response, look for Creativity Night to become an annual event.

(In photo, left: Danice Sweet. In photo, center, Grant Williams.)


In the first paragraph of this blog entry, I remarked how my life had changed in a year's time. And it has. If you had told me a year ago, that I would be standing on a stage before 20 people and reading my original work and playing mistress of ceremonies, I would have guffawed in your face. Not that I'm a shy, retiring flower, but I just don't put myself out there like that. Now I'm the "fearless leader" of a talented group of local writers, entering writing contests and making speeches and leading meetings. Whoosh! What next? I'm afraid to ask!


Now that the two big events of my summer (family reunion/arts showcase) are over, I am ready to kick back for a while. I began a new trend this weekend. I slept in, read the newspaper, watched old movies, and read the novel I had been neglecting. I even took a nap. It was bliss! A girl could definitely get used to this kind of summer.


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did four disco aerobic workouts last week. That's what gave me enough energy to get through all the junk I did.


Notable Quote:

Deuteronomy 31:6 (KJV)
"Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."
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