Migraine Monday

I've been battling a migraine all day today. I woke up at 5:48 this morning with my head pounding. No matter what type of medicine or rest or food I take, it hasn't let up much. I couldn't figure out what was going on...and then the tornado warning hit.

While The Hubster and I were huddled in the basement, riding out the storm surrounded by assorted cats, it hit me. When the barometric pressure swings wildly, my head pounds. Ah! But does that fact make my head and stomach feel any better? No, not really.


A spring concert was held at Cowley College last Tuesday. I got to see the Concert Band perform five exotic and intricate melodies, each one a sparkling gem. To top it off, the Concert Choir presented eight stunning operatic pieces. There were three solo arias, brought by sophomore members Mitch Wright, Jessica Latham and Bryce Sund. The delicious dessert portion of the evening was the "Brindisi" from "La Traviata" by Verdi. Soloists were Cowley alum Lindsay Ramirez and Brian Stranghoner, vocal music director at Douglass High School. They had me humming the rest of the week.


Don't forget to attend the Ark City High School spring concerts this week. Tuesday is the band's turn, then vocal music on Thursday night. Come and show your support to these hard-working teens.


Momala's Book Club: I finished "Angela's Ashes" this afternoon. Written by Frank McCourt, the eldest of the prolific literary McCourt family, this tome is Frank's bleak memoir of his Irish upbringing. He grew up desperately poor, the oldest of four boys (his four other siblings died young) with an alcoholic absentee father and an overwhelmed mother. It was a sad tale, albeit compelling. Extremely gritty, with a good smattering of rough language and carnal acts. Won the Pulitzer Prize. Two and a half stars.


Exercise Update: I did two disco aerobic workouts last week and two sets of hand-weight calisthenics. Hope to get back to a good routine this week.


Notable Quote:

"Life is too short for ugly food."--Sarah Martin
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