Ladies That Lunch

Last Wednesday, I had lunch with my girlfriends. It's been a long time since the last time, and that's way too long for my liking. Having lunch with your girlfriends is like a combo of the five 'o clock news and a therapy session. Except you get to eat, too!

We always nosh at the same spot. Green Door restaurant in Ark City. Great Mexican food and it's quick enough for lunch time. There's just something about catching up on every one's lives over a meal. We laugh, we cry, we eat tacos!

I met "the girls" when we all worked together at First Intermark Corp. Jacque is the got-it-all-together girl. She's smart and funny, too. Deanne is the heart and soul of the group, always willing to share in her experiences. Dionne is the beauty, so sweet and thoughtful. I'm the nut.

We talk about the usual stuff: kids, jobs, church stuff and yes, husbands! We celebrate the highs, and console each other through the low points. When we met, all our kids were little, and now they're almost all grown and on their own. It's a comfort to be bonded with these beautiful and talented women. I am honored by their company.

The most special part of our relationship is that we uplift and support each other. (Yeah, like a bra!) Life is too short to be hanging out with negative people. Sometimes it gets difficult to set aside time to be together. We try to make it a priority. Besides, sitting in a psychiatrist's office for an hour once a month is much more expensive than lunch!


I'm back up to 30 minutes per workout, four times per week. I can already feel the added energy. Next stop: 45 minutes! I tried on a size 14 dress at Lane Bryant last week, and it fit! What a feeling!


Someone asked me what I do when I get mad. Most people mope and refuse to speak, or yell and throw things. I'm a cleaner. Yup. When I'm upset about anything, you'll find me scrubbing a bathtub or vacuuming the living room floor. Much more productive, I think.
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