Food and Travel

Monday, Monday! So filled with phone calls, stacks of mail, stacks of laundry and assorted and sundry crapola. I make my to-do lists for the week, organize a battle plan, and somehow I don't get half accomplished that I wanted to. As Karen Carpenter said, "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down."

This past week was plenty busy. I billed a whole boatload of claims, started a new book, cleaned the house, had the kids over for dinner, shopped for a church dinner and even had time for a light case of food poisoning! Seems like there is always much more to do on the list than days in which to do it. The Hubster thinks I should concentrate on what I managed to accomplish, not how many things I didn't. He's a "glass half full" kind of guy.


The new book I'm reading is really cool. Kelly Park by Jean Stubbs. Granny Moore (The Hubster's grandmother) sent a huge box of books to me when she moved into the nursing home. We used to trade books a lot. Similar tastes, don't you know. Anyway, this book combines two of my favorite things, food and travel. A lady chef moves to Cornwall, England to restore a manor house to its former glory, and open a high-end hotel and restaurant.


Rachel brought me a new book when she was down this week. She knows how much I enjoy Jan Karon books (The Mitford series). Rachel and Drew are avid readers, so they hit Barnes & Noble regularly. Their bargain table is a treasure trove. I read to the girls often when they were young. Bedtime, summertime, any time at all.


I got my September issue of Budget Travel magazine today. I've subscribed to this publication for a number of years now, and it just gets better with age. For the first year, every issue had some ultra-attractive couple on the cover, snuggling in Switzerland or canoodling in Canada. Ugh! Now they have breathtaking vistas on the cover and it's filled with great, reasonably priced trip ideas, plus some incredible photography.This issue features a blurb about a mountain bike trail at Wilson Reservoir in Kansas.


I am up to 32-minute workouts daily. Trying to divide the time more evenly between treadmill and elliptical. I don't want to bulk up like the Hulk, you know!


Love this quote from Voltaire: "To hold a pen is to be at war." I wonder if that includes puttering away on a keyboard?
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