Come and Dine: Sharing What You Have

River Skunks vs. Feral Alley Cats
 During the drought last summer, a family of four skunks came up from the river every evening to feed at our back porch. We put cat food and fresh water out there twice daily to feed the "outside" cats that hang out in our neighborhood. Of course, all sorts of critters have been known to feed there: birds, squirrels, possums, and even a dog or two. When the skunk family showed up, the resident alley cats weren't in a sharing mood.

The scene reminded me of West Side Story. Instead of the Sharks and the Jets, however, I had the interloping River Skunks versus the feral Alley Cats. The kitties had gotten pretty complacent with their living situation: they showed up, morning and night, and we put on a banquet. They weren't counting on uninvited guests, though.

We all go through lean times in our lives; times of plenty, too. Those hills and valleys are made smooth by the Savior. He is our constant. During the good times, I try to remember what it was like when I was in need, and I share what I have. Sharing doesn't have to mean food or money. It could mean talents, goods, time, or even real estate. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to the people who need what you have.

I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands with the cats and the skunks, but it turned out okay, in the end. The cats came a little earlier for dinner, then cleared a wide path for the skunk family to have a late supper. There was plenty to eat and drink. There is always plenty, at my Father's Table.

Expand your heart to include others less fortunate. You don't have to be rich to help someone. Just willingly share what you have. As Peter said in Acts 3:6, "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee:".


Female in Motion Health Update: After last week's exciting and never-ending trip to Chicago, I am settling back in at home. The burns are slowly healing and the pain is letting up just a bit. The fatigue remains. As usual, I am impatient with my body to feel better and get back to work. Give me peace and rest, Lord!


Notable Quote:

"At the close of life the question will be not, how much you have got, but how much you have given; not how much you have won, but how much you have done; not how much you have saved, but how much you have sacrificed; how much you have loved and served, not how much you were honored."--Nathan C. Schaeffer

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