She's a Dork, Part Deux

My brother and I spent most summer afternoons at the Derby swimming pool when I was a kid. After I turned 9, Mom let us ride our bikes the six blocks. From June to September, we got dark as fudge brownies with chlorine-bleached hair. It was a common look among our Derby contemporaries.

Summer seemed to stretch out in front of us, an endless ribbon of fun and freedom. Mornings were spent in household chores and helping with freezing and canning produce, then we got our summer pool passes, changed into well-worn swimsuits, hopped on our Schwinns and headed out to the local pool. Our friends would meet us there to play Marco Polo, Motorboat and avoid the big boys that constantly tried to dunk us.

After returning home one afternoon, exhausted and water-wrinkled, Mom told us to hurry and get cleaned up. She had a surprise! My grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins were coming over for dinner. I quickly showered and jumped into shorts and a t-shirt.

Walking down the hall from my bedroom, I could hear happy voices. Well, I could sort of hear voices. My ears were stopped up with pool water. Entering the living room, I had my head tilted, trying to shake the head congestion.

"I have ears in my water!" I announced to the group. Uh...whoops. The room erupted in laughter and I ran out with tears in my 9-year-old eyes. My sister found me sobbing into my pillow.

"Dad says to get out here."

I slowly made my way back. Sniffling, I stood in the doorway, trying to make myself as small as possible. My grandfather beckoned from across the room, opening his arms to me. I was in his lap in a blink, snuggled into his warm embrace. He was my safe place.

Our Heavenly Father's acceptance and love is like my grandfather's lap. He wants to soothe all our hurts and show us His perfect and ultimate care. When we confess our mistakes to Him, forgiveness flows over us like a freshly-laundered sheet. Wrap yourself in His Word and keep Him close during the agitation of this life.


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did two disco aerobic workouts last week and jogged three miles with Wii Fit.


Notable Quote:

"Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published every day, like those of a baseball player."--Author Unknown
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