Falling for Autumn

On our way home from Dallas last weekend, The Hubster and I stopped at Turner Falls, OK. It's one of those places you always mean to stop and never get around to it. After all the hub bub of the weekend and fighting the Sooner traffic, we decided we needed a quiet interlude. I think a trip should calm you down, not just get you out of town.

Just a couple miles off I-35 highway in southern Oklahoma, the rustic Turner Falls recreation area is nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains. Featuring limestone cliffs and a playfully shallow Honey Creek, this would make a perfect picnic spot. Families were enjoying the day together, creek wading, grilling and hiking some of the prettiest hills in Oklahoma. Winter admission is cheap, just four bucks per person. There are cabins and camping spots for rent, but we just strolled the grounds, took photos and soaked up the positive ions emanating from the falls.


Momala's Video Pick of the Week: The Hubster and I had a Netflix double feature on Friday night. First up was "Letters to Juliet," a romantic comedy set in sunny Italy. The film starred Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried. Rated PG, it was a fun, light movie. Act II was "Julie & Julia." This unique film tells two food stories: the first, how Julia Child became the French food authority and the second, how Julie Powell became a blogging phenomenon while cooking her way through Julia Child's cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Rated PG-13, this film has strong language and some adult situations, but the food is worth it.


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did four aerobic workouts last week and cleaned the church, rearranged furniture in two bedrooms, cleaned out my clothes closet and my linen closet. I weighed myself this morning: 190 pounds.


Notable Quote:

"Invest in yourself. You're worth it."--B.D. Tharp, author of Feisty Family Values
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