And May All Your Christmases...

It happened. We had a white Christmas this year. In Kansas, that is more rare than one might think. I can remember only one or two in my lifetime and never six inches or more. The Blizzard of '09 caused a myriad of logistical problems for families across the state, but by Christmas Day it had all settled down and most people were celebrating safely with their family. Whew!

The left photo above depicts the side yard of our humble abode, covered in the nasty stuff. Our Christmas celebration at Grandma's house is the photo on the right. Clockwise from left are: Marilyn (Mom), Rachel, Drew (our new son-in-law), The Hubster, Sarah and Derek.

December 25 turned out to be a fun, relaxing day. We packed up all the gifts and food and drove to my mom's that morning. I think she enjoyed watching the kids open all their presents. It never gets old for me, either. We watched "Mixed Nuts" together after dining on a sumptuous holiday meal.


I got out yesterday morning and scooped all the snow off our porch, steps and sidewalks. That was quite a task. At least I got to skip aerobics. And I'm not too sore as a result. Maybe all those basketball drills are paying off. The Hubster did tease me a lot about all the huffing and puffing, though.


The reason this blog entry is being posted on Tuesday, instead of Monday is that yesterday was a national holiday. At least in my house it is. Yesterday was my mom's birthday! The kids and I took her out to dinner at Uptown Bistro in Old Town Wichita. (I know, that doesn't make any sense!) The food was divine and the company was even better. We laughed and ate and just had fun being together. I didn't arrive home in Ark City until after 11 p.m. Way past this old lady's bed time!


Momala's Netflix Movie Pick: The Hubster and I watched "Joseph: King of Dreams," an animated film featuring the voices of Ben Affleck and Mark Hamill. The music in this movie is captivating. It is the Bible story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his jealous older brothers, yet God blesses his life. This is a "do not miss" film for you and your kids. Five out of five stars.


Notable Quote:

"Remember life's a great big sled and you're here for the ride!"--Sharon Picano


HAPPY NEW YEAR! My resolution is to dump our old cell phone plan. They're bleeding us dry!
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